Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will help you find valuable insights into personal injury and malpractice law. Whether you’re seeking clarification on legal procedures, understanding your rights, or exploring potential courses of action, we’re here to address your inquiries and guide you through the complexities of these crucial legal realms.

General FAQs

When you’re injured, understanding your legal options may be confusing. Here are frequently asked questions to help you get started.

You do not owe our firm any money for our work performed, unless you get a settlement, and the fee is a percentage of the total settlement that comes out of the settlement when the case is resolved. Costs are in addition to the fee. Our firm advances the costs of the case as incurred. Examples of costs are filing fees, bills for copies of medical records and bills, postage, copies, and expert expenses.

You have time, and at our firm, we give free initial consultations, so the sooner you call us the better.

Yes, most likely your health insurance company has a right to be reimbursed for what it paid for the injury-related medical expenses. The health insurance company’s right to be paid back may be mandatory and have legal repercussions if not paid. It is important that you call us and get proper legal advice before you move forward with your injury claim without representation.

It is preferable that you have a personal injury attorney present.  We educate our clients on how to respond to questions and how to protect their interests when giving statements. It is important that you know your legal rights as soon as possible. Free legal education can only help.

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We work on contingency. We are paid legal fees only when our clients are paid. There is no cost to you for an initial consultation or case review.