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Product Liability is an encompassing area of tort law dealing with unreasonably dangerous products. These types of cases can be associated with negligence actions and warranty claims. You may have a defective product claim if you’ve been injured by products that explode, such as tires, hot kettles, pool equipment, canisters, pressure cookers and more. Often an experienced lawyer is required to prove a product liability case.

Other defective product cases involve issues with design. Such as, a poor tire design that causes premature tread separation, a defective infant car seat that doesn’t provide complete protection, a poorly designed door that slams shut or a bad steel weld design on a structure that cracks. Other defective designs could include poorly designed toasters which can lead to fires and poorly designed cars which can lead to accidents. Serious injuries could be caused by these devices, and poorly engineered products can be very dangerous. The problems with such products are the quantity in the public domain. In contrast to a mis-manufactured product as described below, thousands if not all of the products will have the same defect leading to multiple issues resulting in defective product claims and multiple plaintiffs.


A defective product claim is called a strict liability case, where the burden of proof is shifted. Here, a client must prove the product was merely manufactured in an unreasonably dangerous manner. That’s where the lawyers at Friedman & Throop Law come in. 

Cases of products where there is a failure to warn the consumer of a known hazard are a big issue in the Northern Nevada area. Warning labels, signs and text are important if the consumer is to avoid serious injury. Lawnmowers, engines, small motors, fans and most power equipment are required to have sufficient and reasonable warnings on parts that may emit danger. Failure to warn customers of harm can lead to unexpected safety issues. 

The most common defective product claims are from mis-manufactured products—a product that is simply made incorrectly. These cases involve issues with bad parts, irregular moldings, or incorrect assemblies. Numerous things can go wrong on an assembly line, and either human error or computer programs can cause terrible results. From canned soup and drugs to ropes and engines, all things are at risk to be mis-manufactured. 


If you have questions or have suffered an injury due to a mis-manufactured product, a defectively designed product or a product that does not contain proper warnings, call Friedman & Throop Law at 775-322-6500 and find out your rights to compensation. Our team of defective products lawyers will fight to make sure you get the help and justice you deserve.

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