Have a Premises Liability Claim?

Have a Premises Liability Claim in Nevada? 

Premises Liability in Nevada covers all fault-related injuries on real property. Examples include: slip, trip and fall, falling objects, improperly tacked carpet, latent or hidden dangers on floors and stairs, and many other accidents on property. In the hotel and casino context, patrons often suffer injuries due to foreign liquids on floors, faulty building materials, building code violations in construction and carelessness by employees or others. When someone is a victim of an accident involving the premises, it’s important to document the accident with photographs, witness accounts, incident reports and video footage.

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Sometimes someone may suffer an injury on the premises of a property, but the liability may rest with someone other than the property owner. Such is the case when a defective chair or product owned or manufactured by a 3rd party may be responsible for causing the injury; these cases merge with product liability cases or other 3rd party negligence claims. These are common in elevator cases where the manufacturer may be charged with maintaining the elevator system or a defective component may be to blame.

In the residential arena, unfilled holes in land, failing to warn of hidden dangers, and vicious animals comprise the majority of liability claims most common in residential households. Julie Throop and Terry Friedman are experts in premise liability cases with vast experience in handling cases against casinos, hotels and other major corporations.

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